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Hello Friends,
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My name is Walethia Aquil; I have been where many of you are today.  I grew up a very shy and insecure child; those insecurities followed me into my adult hood.  I used to sit back and admire the person who seemed to always know the right words to say, the person who had the lifestyle I only dreamed about.

I’ve always been on the path to self improvement.  My family did not have a lot of money…..we were poor, but I had a dream.  I would read books and magazines about etiquette and image.  As soon as I was able, I paid my way through modeling and finishing school!

THEN, My life changed.  Opportunities began to present themselves.  I became the “go to person”.  I gained the trust of some of the most influential leaders in my community, so much so, that I have their cell phone numbers so I can still contact them directly anytime.

After implementing my many “Winning Ways”, I would walk into a room people would stop and stare.  I started to receive favor and preferential treatment.  Tickets to special events, invitations to parties came my way! I did not have to wait in line anymore!  Needless to say… I started moving in the circles of the shakers and the makers. My business increased, I made more money.  LOTS MORE MONEY!

These of just some  examples of how Etiquette and a Polished Image can establish trust and credibility.

You too can have the lifestyle of your dreams.

For over 25 years I have shared my expertise with business leaders, politicians, entertainers, beauty pageant winners and society elite helping them boost their self confidence, improve their bottom lines, business and personal relationships via television, radio, seminars and personal coaching.


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“Hats off to Walethia for creating such a wealth of etiquette information for people in today’s world.  I wholeheartedly agree with Walethia’s techniques throughout this book and I also teach many of the same lessons in my programs.  Buy this guide and have all the information YOU need to begin to interact with people in a manner that makes you memorable… and in a good way!”

Michael Fletcher
Business Coach/CEO
Neworld Coaching

Why am I doing this?
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First of all… I know first hand how having a polished image and social skills can change your life.  I’ve been there… remember?  I know how stressful it is to walk into a situation and not know what to say.  I know how badly it feels to have missed an opportunity because you are too self conscious to speak up.

That is why I am offering ‘Women Who Win’ for only $9.97.  You can now have access to the same information and training that I have spent thousands of dollars to acquire.

You can’t go wrong, for less than a trip to your favorite fast food restaurant you will have the same tools, techniques, and strategies of the rich and famous!

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I believe in over-delivering, so you are completely protected by my 60 day money back guarantee.  If for some reason ‘Women Who Win’ does not meet your expectations-I want to send your money back.  But, please keep the bonus gifts as my thank you for giving it a try.

Secondly… I see people all the time who are very well educated, jeopardize it all by using the wrong fork or by making some other small error that makes them seem unpolished.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 min to ruin it. If you think about that you will do things differently.” ~Warren Buffet

Why would I sell this for only $9.97?

Good question.  Basically, because I can.  Simple as that.  I want to share what I have learned and I don’t think people should ‘break the bank” to get this information!


“They don’t teach etiquette much anymore, but if you ever have to choose between Incredibly Advanced Accounting for Overachievers and Remedial Knife and Fork, head for the silverware.” ~Harvey Mackay

So if you have been frustrated with…

  • NOT getting the promotion that you wanted and KNEW you deserved
  • NOT being able to “close the deal”
  • NOT getting a chance at a second date
  • ALWAYS being the “last to know”
  • NOT being invited to social events
  • Developing and maintaining relationships
  • Feeling that people are just NOT attracted to you
  • Purveying a Positive Image

THEN… take the first step toward letting go of the worry, doubt and fear that is holding you back and begin to learn the “real strategies” for success!

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  • Find the “best” strategic partners.
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  • Much… MUCH MORE!!!

But don’t just take MY word for it… read what industry leaders are saying:

“Walethia has condensed the strategies of the most successful men and women of our time into a quick and easy format that will open doors of financial opportunity and lead to more beneficial personal and business relationships.”

William R. Patterson

Award-Winning Speaker, Business and Wealth Coach
International Best-selling Co-author of The Baron Son

“Walethia’s advice is excellent – business etiquette is more important than ever and anyone serious about their business or their career ignores it at their peril.”

Paula Williams, PMP

Marketing Consultant, Aviation Busisness Consultants International (ABCI) and host of Ravenwerks, Ethics, Etiquette and Effectiveness

“Walethia, What a fantastic book! It is chock full of tips and insight. A definite “must read” for those who truly want to polish their image and present themselves as a complete and total package. Truly, you are in your element!”

Michelle Blakeley- The Micro Business Therapist

Recommended by Forbes and Financial Post as one of 30 women entrepreneur to follow on Twitter

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Michael Fletcher, international best seller, coach, businessman. Michael has assisted entrepreneurs in improving several different areas of their lives and businesses. He has lectured in front of a variety of groups ranging in size from 5 to 1500 people. He first started his career by spending 12 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, where drive and determination were ingrained into his work ethic and a never give up attitude emerged.

Michael has learned form the best. He has spent time with people like Dr. John Demartini, Jay Abraham, Jack Canfield, Blair Singer, Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hansen and T. Harv Eker, all of whom have become his mentors. His passion lies in inspiring and empowering people to raise their level of consciousness so they can live in their purpose while having a much fuller and enjoyable life. Read more.

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