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I made the List! of WE Magazine for Women’ Top 100 Women in Ecommerce for 2012

“The current business environment is fiercely competitive. Your presentation and knowledge of business etiquette will often be a deciding factor in your success. Women who win have an edge over their competitors. They attract attention and create an environment which is warm and friendly.
I recommend that you access the resource that is Walethia Aquil, and claim your place as a woman who wins.”
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“Any professional knows the most challenging and often uncomfortable part of the job is social etiquette. Walethia Aquil has eloquently equipped us with successful tools of handling it with ‘grace and charm’ in her book, Women Who Win Business Etiquette. This book will give you the graceful edge to help you move confidently in social circles and the marketplace.”

Dr. Deana Murphy

“I have found your information helpful in that it shows, first of all, the strong nexus between both academic or practical skills with the unwritten but very visible rules of etiquette in order to achieve success. For many people, having grace and charm is the missing piece of the puzzle that will catapult them to higher levels of accomplishment.”

Suzanne Deliscar

“By implementing Walethia’s  Grace and Charm Success System I have experienced a greater strength and passion for my work ability while talking and working with Walethia.  I found her to be that very pleasant person with warmth and graciousness in the advise that she provides and teaches. She instills in you a greater sense of being, a greater mindset in the area of change, and to take the blindfolds off by challenging you to watch what you say on a daily basis, because it can either grow you or it can destroy you not only in your lifestyle, but in your actual business.

Walethia, has a phenominal insight, and I would so recommend her to anyone who is looking to grow and move forward in any area of their life and business. A great gift to Mentor.”

Gloria J. Chandler,
Sr. Human Resources Specialist(Retired-DOD)

“I have only been a member of the Linkedin community for a few days, but I can honestly say that your input has been truly welcome.

You have a real approach to people and their needs. Your business has true meaning and your goals are honest, helpful and selfless. I am touched by your comments and your commitment to helping young women become all they can be – and more.

After reading about you, and your business, it has reinforced my own efforts to use my skills and knowledge to make a real difference.

I am please that I have found you, via Linkedin, and I will always aim to make my business live up to the standard that you have created.”

Thank- you,

Rita Noon Image Consulting
m: +61 (0) 419 330836
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I. Vitt Argent, Ph.D

“Walethia Aquil shares her powerful and dynamic techniques for achieving success, in not only your career but in your life, by helping you become more self-aware through employing poise, grace and ettiquette to any situation. As a producer and interviewer of experts in business and career development industires, I can say with awe that Walethia was a phenomenal guest on two radio programs for the IVA Radio Network, and both times she made an immediate impact. To date she holds the record most downloads of our the shows in a single 24hr period.”

Dr. Ande
IVA Radio Network

“Thank you Walethia for the Grace and Charm daily post! They are extremely powerful in that it shifts the mindset of us very busy entrepreneurs who may lose some of our Grace and Charm with the pressures of being a small business owner. The post are great reminders that we are always in the spot light and should exude Grace and Charm!”

~Angel L Richards
HOT Coaching, LLC

“Tremaine Real Living Real Estate was looking for a “jump start” for 2011 to give our 20 plus agents some new tools to start off the new year with. We worked with Walethia to develop a specific plan to introduce the agents to the No More Excuses -Success Stories program which included meeting off-site for 4 session approximately one hour each. We had almost 100% attendance during each session. The meetings were centered around work ethic, rejuvenation and to spark marketing ideas to increase sales. After the No More Excuses- Success Stories program was complete each agent left with a goal, a plan and the motivation necessary to be their own CEO.

I would recommend Walethia because she is exactly who she says she is “Grace and Charm”….and who can’t use a little more of that.

Jennifer Tremaine
Tremaine Real Living Real Estate

“Owning your own business also means having more social functions to attend. Everything from formal dinners to charity auctions to ballroom dances, I’m invited. Ms. Aquil was able to build my confidence with her thorough etiquette and protocol coaching.”
Leisa Bain Good
Gemstone Business Solutions
Front Royal, VA

“There’s a saying…’It only takes a moment to make a lasting impression.’ That’s why it’s so important to carry yourself with grace, dignity and charm when interacting with others. Walethia Aquil’s Grace and Charm Success System is just what you need to give you the graceful edge when dealing with business clients or in social situations. Remember, good manners will open doors that the best education cannot, so let Walethia help you open some doors today.”
Beverly Mahone
Author: Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey into Middle Age
Boomer Diva Nation

“In todays fiercely competitive market place, those individuals and teams who have the ability to influence others and make lasting impressions are the ones most likely to race ahead of their competitors. I highly recommend Walethia Aquil’s “Grace and Charm Success System” for those serious about taking their careers and businesses to the next level. Walethia has condensed the strategies of the most successful men and women of our time into a quick and easy format that will open doors of financial opportunity and lead to more beneficial personal and business relationships.”

William R. Patterson
Award-Winning Speaker, Business and Wealth Coach
International Best-selling Co-author of The Baron Son, Baron Series

“Good etiquette is a competitive advantage in any industry, but nowhere is it so obvious as in aviation, where it has become evident that people are actually willing to pay more to be treated with respect! Walethia’s advice is excellent – business etiquette is more important than ever and anyone serious about their business or their career ignores it at their peril.”

Paula Williams, PMP
Marketing Consultant, Aviation Business Consultants International (ABCI)
and host of Ravenwerks, Ethics, Etiquette and Effectiveness

“Walethia Aquil of Grace and Charm is the epitome of class, etiquette and practical business sense. In my ever growing efforts to saturate the Internet with my client’s products & services, Walethia remains by my side as a constant reminder of proper etiquette, excellent customer service, and incredible ethics and of what is possible if we use a little Grace & Charm!”

Google’s #1 Ranked “Professional Business Consultant”
Let’s Talk: 888.295.4811

“When I think of Walethia, I think of passion and her passion for instilling the fundamentals of social consciousness in today’s society. Passion is the fuel that drives success, so with her passion you have no choice but to be successful, when you come in contact with the gifting of Walethia Aquil.”

J.L. Godfrey, Founder & C.E.O. (Chief Empowerment Officer)
of J.LG. Enterprises

“Success with Grace and Charm is much needed today in business! Understanding the psychology behind what makes a person buy from you is so important. It is a proven fact that people do business with people they like, and many of those decisions are based on personal appearance and how you connect with your prospects and clients. Learning how to do business with grace and charm is a MUST HAVE for anyone looking to get to the next level and nobody teaches it better than Walethia Aquil!”

Vicki Irvin

Before reading Women Who Win:

I was not focused in the direction I was headed in my business.   I had the personal side down and have managed to put my family first for the last several years, but I was not being serious about the business side of my life.

After reading Women Who Win the most significant improvement in my (life,business,career etc.):

I have put into action many of the lessons within the E-book.  In the past, I have been guilty of over explaining myself, making excuses for decisions and not putting myself first.  The E-Book has given me permission to put me in the forefront and be sure I “check myself” when I walk out the door for any occasion.  Since then, I have noticed a huge difference in the way I am treated by others and I am being taken more seriously.

I would recommend Walethia’s Women Who Win because:

The E-Book is a wonderful guide and reference to the things in life we need to be aware of through etiquette and relationship building within your networks.  I was raised to have good manners and appropriate behavior, however I had forgotten many things that I had been taught.   It is so nice to have Women Who Win in my library!  Thank you!

Lisa M. Jackson
Independent Fashion Consultant for CAbi
Spring 2011 has sprung:
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Read more testimonials from previous past client sessions:

“The effects of Ms. Aquil’s presentation on my staff were immense. The changes began to show within months after her presentation. Staff members’ physical appearances changed, and others have been promoted.”
–George Lange, Manager in Genesee County, Michigan

“Walethia is competent, resourceful, and works with the highest level of integrity and character. She not only gives her clients the information to be successful, but she also gives of herself. She is dedicated to improvement of the lives of her clients. She is an encourager and motivator.”

“Walethia is upbeat and positive, and pushes her clients to be the best that they can be.”

“Walethia is always professional in her work.”

“Walethia is open-minded.”

“The information and delivery was straightforward, easy to understand, and doable. I learned that I was doing many things right, but could greatly improve in certain areas as well.”

“Walethia Aquil is a strong trainer, and anyone taking courses from her is in very strong and capable hands. She’s a gifted pro who is able to communicate and truly listen to concerns raised by her clients.”

“Walethia has the ability to connect with her clients and meet them where they are. She is straightforward and able to present her information in a way clients are able to grab-hold and see the benefits of the information.”

“Walethia Aquil presents life changing information. She takes a holistic approach to her training.”