Essential Resources:

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The following list comprised of books, links and other resources that are must haves for the man or women who is looking for a personal and professional edge.

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Business /Personal

Event /Party Planning is the perfect solution to organizing a seating plan for events up to 350 guests. Create, preview, and print your seating charts in just a few simple steps.

Seat Your Group by Protocol

Need help setting the table: want to learn how to fold napkins?

Free Online Invitations and Party Planning with MyPunchbowl


Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect

Fashions For Real Woman

The Clothes Doctor-The ultimate guide for caring for your clothes

Just For Men

The Image Architect

What to Wear to an Event

Street Etiquette

The Art of Manliness

Ask Men


African American Winemakers

Home décor, Health and Beauty, Décor & Garden

Not Just Tea
Jennifer Jackson


Intercultural Sites

When doing business abroad it is important to understand the local culture. Culture includes areas such as a country norms, values, behaviors, food, architecture, fashion and art. However, one area of culture that is important for international business people is etiquette.

Centre For Intercultural Learning-Prepares executives for assignments abroad.

World Clock-Time for any time zone in the world.

Country Studies-A description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of countries throughout the world.

Culture Grams-Concise, reliable, and up-to-date country reports on 190 cultures worldwide.

Executive Planet-Guide to business culture, customs, and etiquette worldwide.

International Business Etiquette Books-Find Questions to your cultural etiquette questions.

World InfoZone (WIZ)-Website containing cultural profiles.

Business for Diplomatic Action-A private sector task force devoted to improving the perception and the standing of America in the world.

Cross Cultural Solutions-International etiquette.

Flag Etiquette-Standards of respect for the flag of the United States of America.

The Original Tipping Page

Great resource on proper tipping etiquette

A Guide to International Tipping

Go Currency is a website for converting your money into another currency.

Prelinger Archives-Historical Etiquette Videos

Public Agenda Rudeness Study-Aggravating Circumstances: A Status Report on Rudeness in America.

Honor and Respect
The Official Guide to Names, titles and forms of Address.
Information on the correct forms of address for foreign dignitaries, the tips on the use of badges and place cards, letters, and introductions are of general interest.