How to Impress People in 90 Seconds or Less

“Change how you feel about yourself and you will have a warm inner glow that draws people to you.” Walethia

Learn the Secrets to Increasing Your Personal Magnetism

People will determine your income level, social status and educational level based on how you look, we all know it may not be true, but that exemplifies how important your image is and how you can use your image as a tool of empowerment.

93% of your message is body language (non verbal).

Your success in business depends entirely on how other perceive you.  A polished image and enhanced social skills are part of your brand.

Grace and Charm starts with a mindset, it is an energy you radiate, people can feel that energy.  Examples of people with personal magnetism:  Diana Ross, Michelle Obama, Jackie O, Princess Diana, to name a few.

1.  Wear great clothes.   When you wear great clothes more people will take you seriously. Trust and credibility is establishes instantly.  Your personal image is your calling card. Pay attention to details, details and more details. A missing button, a drooping hemline,  a run in your stocking, a not so white blouse  a bulging, over sized handbag. Are your shoes clean and polished.

2.  Become memorable.   Look devastating, develop your own personal alluring signature style that will attract more money, power and influence.  A great watch, or bag, pin, glasses etc.

3.  Give complements freely.  People love to be complimented, it raises their self esteem and reinforces their decision that they made the right decision to connect with you.

4.  Command attention without saying a word.  Important people get noticed immediately, with a combination of attitude and actions.  When entering a room step to the right of the door, survey the room.

5.  Never complain, criticize or condemn.  Those that make the most money are paid for finding solutions.  There is no such thing as a fixed income just a fixed mindset.

6.  Smile and make eye contact.  Successful and confident people make direct eye contact.  A smile opens the door and breaks down barriers.

7.  Have an attitude of gratefulness.  When you are grateful you send of positive energy, people are drawn to people who are positive.

8.  Three (3) Second rule.   Extend yourself to those you don’t know well.  Notice someone  and   within  three seconds go over and introduce yourself.

9.  Move slowly- People who move fractionally more slowly than others tend to get noticed and come across as sexy.

10.  Everyday  do at least one thing that puts you into the world more brilliantly, more attractively and more triumphantly than you were yesterday.

Your company’s brand or even your own personal brand is what separates you from your competition. And it’s what will get your customers to buy from you over and over again.

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“Change how you feel about yourself and you will have a warm  inner glow of self appreciation that draws people to you.” Walethia

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  1. So glad that I could listen to the recording of the show. You are a serious magnet yourself. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and brilliance with us, Ms. Walethia!

  2. graceandcharm says:

    Hi Donna,

    Thank you for tuning in. I love what I do because I’m able to connect with people such as yourself.

  3. How you show up will dictate how people view you.

  4. Regina Coley says:

    Hey Walehtia
    Great tips! I was looking for something just like these to share with my girls and I couldn’t agree with you more.

  5. graceandcharm says:

    Happy to help.

  6. Hira says:

    Great tips! really, I was looking for something i want to develop my self.Happy to see
    grat Job.

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