Grace and Charm Men Only

Grace and Charm Men Only

20 Tips to Putting “The Gentle” back into the “Man”
Success Secrets of Outrageously Successful Gentlemen

By Walethia Aquil

Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength. ~Eric Hoffer

1. Gentlemen are always well groomed. Good personal hygiene are critical but often overlooked elements of a professional appearance. For example, by taking the time and effort to press your clothing, you will add measurably to your overall appearance.

2. Dress-up! It is nice to dress up, really dress up. By wearing a nice formal business ensemble, you can set yourself apart in a very positive way. Dressing up for important meeting is always a good idea. But avoid overdressing everyday. It could be perceived that you are uptight or that you are struggling to overcome a poor self-image.

3. When it comes to jewelry, your watch, cuff links, and one ring is sufficient. Layers of gold chains are not likely to impress anyone. An open shirt showing off heavy gold medallions may be hip in some circles, but is not appropriate for corporate America.

4. Manners do matter. Good manners and proper dining protocol can make or break a business relationship. Good manners show respect for others and an awareness of social convention.

5. It’s better to give than receive. Look for ways you can be a benefit to the other person.

6. The power of charm. Charisma, chemistry and confidence are the characteristics of a ‘gentleman.’

7. Gentlemen treat everyone with respect and courtesy.

8. Gentlemen refer to others as ma’am or sir, no matter the age.

9. Gentlemen always removes their hats/caps when entering an elevator, someone’s home or restaurant. Hats are never worn during a meal or during the national anthem remove your hat and place it over your heart.

10. Gentlemen do not sag; showing your underwear is not ‘cool’.

11. A true ‘Gentleman’ does not swear (at least not in public). Swearing is crude and impolite.

12. Gentlemen do not spit in public.

13. Gentlemen are always discreet about their love life. They never kiss and tell.

14. Gentlemen open doors for ladies.

15. A gentlemen always addresses those his senior by their last name, unless given permission to use their first name.

16. A gentleman offers his seat up to a lady, or someone who needs it more.

17. Gentlemen never drop in on anyone unexpectedly. Always call ahead.

18. A gentlemen lets no one lose face.

19. A gentlemen is a diplomat.

20. Gentlemen do not stare. Your eyes should always remain from the chin up!

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