Five things you can do to help a gambling addict

Everything is fun until someone takes it very seriously and falls into excess. Because yes, believe it or not, gambling addiction is real, it’s serious, and it’s much more common than you think. Previously we told you about the signs that you could present if you are betting more than the bill, but if you already have a well-identified friend or family member who is a gambler slot online singapore, we leave you some tips with which you could help him.

Get informed       

Gambling mmc996 Singapore Casino is a real disease, and, as with all addictions, it is normal for those who suffer from it to remain stuck in denial, so it tends to be difficult to convince them to seek help. Our advice is to get super-well informed so that you have a better idea of ​​the steps you can take to help someone with a gambling addiction.


Don’t minimize the situation.

We have already said it, but we will repeat it to you: gambling is a true addiction, just like addiction to drugs, alcoholism, or smoking. Although gambling and gambling excessively do not “directly” affect health, it is the door to problems at work, finances, with the family, in the social circle, and having stress, anxiety, and even depression. There have been cases in which gamblers end up taking their lives for not finding another way to solve all the problems caused by their addiction.

Before telling a gambling addict that he is overreacting or “just stop playing and go, ” remember that expressions or actions like these, far from helping, can make the situation worse.


The more they support you, the better. But don’t fix your life!

Dealing with people who have some kind of addiction is not an easy task. That is why it is always better than the entire family and/or friends of someone who is a gambler in one way or another to help him get out of the hole. Ah, but waters! This does not mean that you try to solve all the problems that your addiction has caused you.

It is probable that, in your intention to help, you will lend him money to pay his debts (which could be used to make other bets as well) and you may even accompany him to play and gamble from time to time as long as he is “not sad.” You should know that if a gambling addict notices that their actions are inconsequential and that they can also get loans, they will simply put less effort into seeking help and recovering.


Help him keep his mind busy.

They say out there that a busy mind does not miss anyone, and this could also apply to the game. If your friend or a family member has not yet gotten to the point where they stop doing absolutely everything to play, and if they only take advantage of every opportunity to gamble, you can simply leave no room for them to do so. Make plans with him, visit him at home, go to the movies or to dinner, play sports together, or do any other type of activity that keeps your mind on other things.


Check it out once in a while

It is a fact that you cannot be stuck 24/7 with someone who is a gambler, and it is not about you behaving like the FBI or becoming a stalker. What we suggest is that you keep an eye on what he does, keeping in touch, and through casual questions that you can get into conversations. Another measure, which is a little more extreme, and that only applies to those who are very close to someone addicted to gambling is to keep their credit and debit cards. So at least you will not be able to withdraw money from time to time nor register them to make


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