Holiday Networking Etiquette: Party with a Purpose

The holiday season is in full swing! Invitations are pouring in from your clients and peers in the industry. This is the time to party with a purpose! Take advantage of the opportunity to raise your level of influence and brand recognition.

Back to School Manners!

Back to School

Back to school etiquette is really about the manners basics of most group situations children will come across. Now is the perfect time to encourage children to start the new school year on the right track.

July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month

As the world increasingly goes digital and mobile, this post will serve as a friendly reminder to the importance of cell phone etiquette. Nowadays, you can’t even go to the bathroom without running into someone on their phone or having face time with friends or a client. So here are some things YOU can do […]

Top 10 Tips You Should Know Before You Invest In A Seminar or Conference That Will Help You Connect, Communicate and Collaborate


This is the season for seminars and conferences. Conferences are a great way to meet other professionals in your industry and to gain valuable knowledge. These events can offer great opportunities to network and make important business contacts. Following the tips below will help to ensure that the conferences you attend showcase you in the […]

Etiquette Expert Alumni of the month by The Protocol School of Washington


I’m excited to have been chosen as alumni of the month by The Protocol School of Washington. Read about it here. Walethia helps you build a new kind of wealth, “Social Capital” by equipping professionals and other service providers  with training in proper  business decorum and protocol’s in a step by step system that is  […]

Networking-How to Leverage Your Contacts for Wealth and Power

Business Networking

Ask yourself this question: There are people waiting to help you why aren’t you meeting them. The right relationship can be worth millions of dollars to you. Grace and Charm Insight: “Networking is a lifestyle, not an event.” Walethia Aquil In today’s business world, now more than ever it is important to build relationships. Relationship […]

Top Ten Etiquette Tips Every Professional Should Know

Abstract Diagram

Today image is as important as ever, and in order to showcase the best ‘you’ to the world it is vitally important that you take control of other people’s perception of you. Any time you are out in public or are meeting someone for the first time, you are sending a message about who you […]

How to Win Friends and Influence People the Grace and Charm Way


Introducing “How to Win Friends and Influence People the Grace and Charm Way” Teleseminar Series 2012 Now you can experience the power of Grace and Charm, our new monthly teleseminar series is comprised of relevant tips and strategies you can implement immediately. These exclusive teleseminars are designed to give you the boost you need to […]

What Your Business Coach May Not Tell You: 5 Branding Strategies That Will Super Charge Your Business or Career in 2012


1. Toot your own horn. Why not create your own ‘brag bag’, ‘atta-girl’ binder, or an ‘elevator pitch’.  It’s important to know the good work you are doing and how to talk about it casually to others. When asked the “Tell me about yourself?” question; are you able to highlight who you are and the benefits […]

Creating a great social media presence using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,and Google+


Grace and Charm Insights: How do you want people to perceive you in 2012? One change of style, grooming, behavior, or friends can make a big difference. Building a unique brand for yourself and your business is an essential factor to having a successful business. Implement these Grace and Charm Insights to jumpstart your business […]