Patience Is Crucial To Your Success. Learn Why!


Many of us are not born with grace or charm, so we spend much of our time learning it. As children, we may have had parents or grandparents that encouraged us to sit up straight, not talk with your mouth full and to keep silent until spoken to when other adults were having conversations. As we came into adulthood, we realized that in order to succeed within the workforce or have thriving businesses, we would have to learn how to properly eat at a dinner meeting, what to wear to the company’s holiday party and what type of networking would be appropriate at such an event and the list goes on. Sometimes all of this can be quiet overwhelming.

Prom is Coming to Alma College


“This organization, however, did more than give girls dresses. It gives them hope. It showed them that money is not everything. It helps them have more confidence,” said Mina Hami.

Join UP Woman Circle Michigan March 23rd

Are you a woman of influence? A professional – business woman looking to build powerful relationships, increase business, be mentored and gain insight from other women who are successful in life and in business? Then you must join the women of Flint, Michigan for the next UP Woman Circle! Our next UP Woman Circle will […]

SWIBA Award Finalist Walethia Aquil

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Grace and Charm LLC 810-449-2827 Natasha Rubin, Flint, MI—On March 16, 2013, the Stilleto Awards (SWIBA) will be held in East Point, GA, to honor everyday women in the solo and micro business sector. This award showcases the amazing accomplishments and talents of business women young and old around the country […]

Holiday Networking Etiquette: Party with a Purpose

The holiday season is in full swing! Invitations are pouring in from your clients and peers in the industry. This is the time to party with a purpose! Take advantage of the opportunity to raise your level of influence and brand recognition.

Celebrate Your Blog

Do you have a blog that inspires, encourages, motivates and empowers? November is National Blog Posting Month and if your blog meets those requirements, I would love for you to share your blogs in the comment section below. If you do not already have a blog, a blog is a great tool to share your […]

Remembering Our Military Families

As we honor and celebrate our Veterans this month, let’s take some time to also consider that November is also Military Family Appreciation Month. The soldiers are out protecting our freedom and our country at the sacrifice of not being with their families. The families of soldiers are in need of our support and encouragement […]

Breast Cancer Etiquette: Knowing What To Say

This month, you may be faced with several opportunities to discuss and support those that are dealing with breast cancer. Whether be it with a family member, friend, colleague or someone you may encounter at a networking event. If breast cancer hits home or comes up during a meet up, what do you say? How […]

Build Your Business With Business Cards

October 9-15 is Build Your Business with Business Cards Day. This is a great idea, especially since I believe you should periodically update your business card so that it stays current with your mission and your brand. Because so much information has to go on the business card I recommend hiring a professional copywriter so […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month:Do You Know the Facts?

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women. They use to say that women over 40 years old should go and get a mammogram every year.