The Grace and Charm Success System

“Transforming Professionals from Invisible to Impeccable”

This is for you if:

  • You are tired of wondering what makes you different from the people you envy and frustrated with the feeling of being held back
  • You are excited about the possibility of training your mind for automatic success in every aspect of your life
  • You are ready to make some serious changes on the inside to see the positive transformation on the outside
  • You are ready to stand up and stand out

Coaches, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs, Agents Of Change, MLM Marketers, Consultants And Service Professionals And Anyone Who Considers Themselves An Expert In Their Field

Have you ever asked yourself why you:
• Didn’t get the job or promotion
• Didn’t get invited to the meeting with the decision maker
• Your career is not advancing

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to:
• Looking great all the time
• Knowing just what to say and when to say it
• Being comfortable in all situations
• Having power and influence
• Having the media love you
• Attracting and retaining affluent clients

Have you avoided:
• Inviting that key client to lunch or dinner
• Going to the company outing, knowing the CEO and other decision makers would be there
• Sharing an idea during a meeting because you were afraid to speak
• Media opportunities

Do you want the confidence that comes with being able to follow a model that has been proven over and over not just by me but by the thousands of clients I’ve helped.

Do you want the confidence and self assurance that exudes professionalism in any business or social situation that will advance your career of business.

Now is the time to move beyond the ‘Like and Trust Factor.’  Learn how to use effective strategies for standing out in the crowd so that you get the contract or next promotion.  So that you can  serve in a big and authentic way.

Your image, etiquette, communication and interpersonal skills play a major role in the amount of money you earn, your circle of influence, the quality of your relations and opportunities that are opened up to you.

More than a third of all business deals, hiring decisions, career advancements, promotions and romantic social relations are made at the dining table. The lack of dining etiquette skills will make a difference in your advancement into certain social circles and your career advancement.

Your ability to get along with others is just as important as having technical and professional skills, because 85 % of success in business and social relationships is based on your people skills.

Having a polished image and being well groomed is vital to your success. A potential client will, within seconds, determine if you are trustworthy and creditable. When you look polished and professional from head to toe, your credibility is unquestioned and trust is developed.

So, what is it you would like to improve? Are you trying to increase your wealth, power and influence? Now you can have access to the secrets and strategies responsible for the success of people like: Michael Jordan, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Jackie O, and Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce and Tyra Banks.

Discover How You Can Unlock the Secrets to Achieving More in Life, Building More Meaningful Relationships, and Feeling At Ease in Any Situation.

Take a tour of my site, this site is devoted to helping you achieve more in life, build more meaningful relationships and feel at ease in any situation. The bottom line is Make More Money!

Read What Industry Leaders Are Saying

Walethia, you provided us with a world-class course in Business Etiquette. It was amazing to learn, revisit and expound upon decorum that can assist us with cultivating business relati onships that can make the difference between business success or failure. You are truly full of Grace & Charm and a star among the Global Entrepreneurship Educator Team!

Davette Harvey

President/Founder The Global Institute of Enterprise Development, M.A., Ed.D. (Candidate)

““The current business environment is fiercely competitive. Your presentation and knowledge of business etiquette will often be a deciding factor in your success. Women who win have an edge over their competitors. They attract attention and create an environment which is warm and friendly. I recommend that you access the resource that is Walethia Aquil, and claim your place as a woman who wins.”

Kindest regards,

“It is my pleasure to write this recommendation for Walethia Aquil, creator of the Grace and Charm Success System. Walethia and I met when she became my private coaching client. During our work together, I got to know her content and the value she offers to her clients. She truly is a gem. She is truly an expert in helping professionals transform their lives and businesses using her coveted Grace and Charm Principles. Walethia, herself, is a bona-fide example of Grace and Charm, using the utmost courtesy, professionalism, positive energy and poise to share her gifts and talents with the world so that they can advance their lives and careers. If you are looking to up-level your business etiquette and soft-skills so that you can play a bigger game in your business or company, Walethia is the obvious choice.

Darnyelle A. Jervey
Author, Speaker, Business Coach
Incredible One Enterprises, LLC
Unleashing the Incredible Factor in Your Business”

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